Sunday, November 7, 2010

Formula Poop

Here's the scoop on formula poop... It stinks!

The breastfed baby pooped every third day like clockwork (ok sometimes she'd go 4 or 5 to throw us off). Her poops were an event to be looked forward to. They would happen at some point mid-day, at home, and while the smell was somewhat less than pleasant, it was nothing that couldn't be contained. Rarely there would be the occasional blow-out, which would require expert maneuvering to remove her outfit without getting any of her body soiled. I know you surely desire to know this tidbit: it was the hue of burnt sienna. Maybe orange or mustard-like.

And then formula came in. The girl poops 3 times a DAY now. Gone is the predictability. Enter poopy diaper changes in public restrooms, in the car,  at 3 a.m... And my friends, it does not smell good. It is very, very bad. And the color? Green! Grayish green! Did I mention that this happens 3 times a day now? AT LEAST??? We've had blowouts in the middle of the night that have soaked through her diaper, pajamas, sleepsack, sheet, mattress protector, and right down to the mattress! And the poor girl didn't even wake us to alert us of this atrocity.

I do not like this new poop schedule. Not one bit. How can something so small produce so much poo?!

*UPDATE* 11/9/10 - Gigi poops in the bathtub. Well there ya have it!


jss said...

1. For about the first month of his life, my breastfed baby ALWAYS pooped in the bathtub. So. Frustrating.

2. My breastfed baby poops almost every diaper change. So for those keeping track, that's like 6 poops a day. My husband believes it's not all poop -- sometimes it's just "extra credit" from a fart. Whatever, it still requires a butt wiping.

3. My breastfed baby also occasionally has a green poop. So disturbing.

Mrs. Lexi said...

Omg I just guffawed (sp?) out loud! Extra credit fart - I'm so going to have to use this one. That's a lot of shit you're dealing with!

This is totally going to be gross, but when DH lets a loud one rip I often tell him it sounds like he needs a change.