Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a nice little celebration here at our house for Gabriella's first Halloween. My father in law, Rick and Madeline were able to come out here from Arizona to spend some quality time with her. It was a pretty low-key weekend because I'm still (STILL!) not feeling very well. Slowly getting better, operative word being slowly. We went trick or treating around the neighborhood and Gigi scored us a little candy - we felt so creepy going up to peoples' doors with her because it either looks like a) we're morons who will give a baby candy or b) we're jerks who exploit our baby for candy. But it was social practice for her! She had so much fun in her costume and was so cozy in there. I was worried because she had been pretty fussy during the day, but once the costume came on she was all smiles. Anyway, here are the goods - my little Ducky!

We let her reach into the bowl to grab candy and she kept going for lollipops! I love her so much as a little ducky that I sort of want to dress her up in this again. What's an appropriate time/place to do this? Election day? Thanksgiving? Am I crazy?

P.S. Will someone please talk my hubbs out of the goatee he's decided to sport as of late?


Britt said...

Hands down the cutest costume seen this year! And I have two kiddos of my own :)

Jill said...

Super, super, super cute costume.

I'm diggin' the Bugaboo Bee!