Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gabriella at the Park

We just so happened to be at the park last Saturday with Gabby cakes and so naturally we decided to let her try out the swings for the very first time. She was a bit too small to really enjoy them, but I'm sure in a couple months she'll be all about it! Unfortunately we didn't have the camera on us, so DH snapped these on his blackberry... You can't really tell from these pics, but that's the gorgeous Pacific Ocean in the background there!

We're still doing the rice cereal thing in the evenings. It had been pretty hit or miss, and I think the trouble was that waiting until she was too hungry to try to feed her was making her too frustrated to try to eat off the spoon. So now she gets her dinner a little earlier and she's been gobbling it all up nicely. She is still waking up a couple times at night, but now I have the ultimate luxury of being able to switch off with DH! We each take a feeding and it's working out pretty well (though I'm thinking he's discovering a newfound appreciation for what life was like for me the last 4 1/2 months!). Now that I'm no longer breastfeeding, I've been able to up my hours at work a bit longer, so I'm now working 5-11 a.m. I miss her like crazy while I'm there, but it's so amazing to come home to her and see her give me her humongous gummy grin when she spots me.

Oh and hands down her new favorite thing of all time is the Jumperoo. We got her the Rainforest one and she goes bonkers in the thing! I so recommend this to anyone - I'm ranking it up there with the Moby wrap (which interestingly I haven't used in well over a month now). I'll definitely have to post a video of her rocking out in there soon.

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Sazz said...

The twins are OBSESSED with their Jumperoos! I swear it was the best money I have ever spend!