Friday, November 26, 2010

So I Hosted Thanksgiving...

This post can alternatively be titled, "The Day Thanksgiving Was Almost Ruined."

I was going to write up this whole long nasty post about how my family's Thanksgiving was fouled up by some obnoxious circumstances, but I've decided to refrain from doing so and focus on the positive- because our Turkey day turned out just lovely! Due to some rather unfortunate turn of events, we had to relocate. I was so upset and disappointed that my parents had to be uprooted from their own home, not to mention that my in-laws came from out of state for this, AND my house was in shambles because we're packing everything up to move. This was Gigi's first Thanksgiving, and I wanted it to be special!

But, my awesome mama packed up tons of food, I scrambled and made a run to the store for plastic plates (yep, our dishes were packed!) and a couple nice floral centerpieces (hello, I'm so anal I can't not have a centerpiece at a dinner) and lots of booze. And a wonderfully fun time was had by all!

 Get a load of that tushie!

 Note the moving boxes in the background!
Here G is chowing down on oatmeal - a total upgrade in her opinion from rice cereal. She so eagerly ate this up, it was adorable! I was sad about not giving her any veggies, but I'm on board with what our dr. recommends, so it looks like she'll have a yummy Christmas dinner. :-)

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Freddie and Haley said...

G looked so cute! Glad your Thanksgiving turned out ok. Where are you guys moving?