Friday, March 11, 2011

Hubby's Week Off

Well the hubby had the whole week off from work since he's switching jobs, so we had lots of fun family time together. On Monday he took us to the mall so I could pick out some things for myself for my birthday. G did a lot of this there:
Tuesday was my big hair day. Ha that sounds funny. Anyway, being the amazing hubby that he is, he went with me to my appointment (since I was so nervous) and my dad watched G. Here's the before and after:
Wednesday we decided to go to the little lake at the golf course by our house to watch the ducks. Gigi loves the duckies :-)
Thursday was my birthday, which is awesome in and of itself (hehe) but made even more awesome by spending it as a new mommy. First thing I see when I get up is this little one:

The diet's still going strong (I'm down about 16 lbs - woot!), but on my birthday, I splurge, man! We went to a little Mexican restaurant for lunch, followed by a little boating!

Ahhh the boat. Fresh sea air. The gentle lull of the waves. The high-pitched screaming of a starving 8 month old baby. Wait.

Oh yes. We get to the middle of the water and realize that we left her formula in the car. We thought, oh, she should be OK, she's gone 4 hours between meals and it's only been 3 hours now. We'll be back before then. Yeaaaah, just as 3 hours hit since her last meal, she wanted FOOD! We tried to appease her with some puffs, but she wasn't having it, and she doesn't care for straight water from a bottle either (does she even realize what's in her formula??). So we cut our boating excursion just a little shorter than we had planned and raced back to our car so we could feed her. And lo and behold, she had taken a massive explosive poo.

Man, sometimes we feel like such beginners.

She really did love it at first though. Maybe she just felt uneasy because she sensed a tsunami coming on?
Yep, hubbs let me drive for a bit. I was kind of freaking out at the possibility of our boat toppling over so I took the wheel. And then I freaked out that I was going to hit another boat.

Anyway, we headed back and went out to dinner at The Stinking Rose (a garlic festival in your mouth).
 Why yes, yes I am wearing a giant head of garlic on my noggin.
 Ahhh so I'm now 27. It's just great, I'm so not worried about being older. Yet. There's more time for that later. I'm too busy feeling pretty great about where I am now (something I rarely do, and should do more!).

Friday I went back to work and came home for a nice long nap while Adam watched Gabriella. When I woke up, we decided to hit up the park for a bit, but it was a little on the cold side so we didn't stay long.
And there you have our week. It really feels nice to have a stay at home daddy, maybe I should look into making way more money...


Brandy said...

What a great week!

SweetNiki said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great week.