Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Photoshop

I absolutely love photographing my little girl. A) She's a total ham and loves being in pictures, and B) I get to have a tangible record of memories that I can look at forever. I usually can't wait to load up my memory card in the reader so I can see how everything turned out. And then I get to work. Since I have Photoshop, I love to tweak my images so I can make them even just a little bit better.

I know, I know... Photoshop is a crazy expensive program. I have a pretty old version, CS2, that I got from a friend back in photojournalism class in college. If you can get it, it's so worth it. I must warn you, it will suck up your time (once you figure out what all the buttons do!).

Here's an example of an image before and after:
Subtle changes, but I feel like it makes a big difference, no? If you happen to have Photoshop or even Elements, I highly recommend downloading some actions. They're basically one-click enhancements to your pictures that are so fun to play around with. Pioneer Woman has some great ones, and MCP Actions has a few awesome freebies as well.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share how I like to edit my pictures. I hope someone can find this useful, since I've loved playing around with these! Here are some more pictures from yesterday, playing in the backyard.


Mama Fee said...

Ooooo thanks for sharing!!! Love the pictures! Love your new fab hair by the way too!!!

Britt said...

Gorgeous pics!

Brandy said...

Pictures are gorgeous. Photoshop is so expensive - I've always wanted it.

Mrs. Lexi said...

Thanks ladies!

Brandy, there's always photoshop elements! It's waaaay cheaper and I totally forgot to mention it.