Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WordFUL Wednesday

Sorry, y'all. I can't be wordless on Wednesdays. Or any other day for that matter. ;-) Annnywhooo...

OF COURSE after I post how wonderful the whole Ferber thing was going, G decided to throw a wrench in the system - she took 45 minutes to finally go down on Monday night. And she woke up crying at 4 a.m. and it took her half an hour to go back down. But I found out that a regression is normal, and last night and tonight she went to sleep MUCH easier and stayed asleep all night long. Here's hoping for this to last!

Today we finally had our 8 month well visit, and we're weighing in at 21 lbs even and 28 3/4 inches tall! It's funny how her growth has slowed, I remember when she spurted at 4 months and I was convinced she'd be over 22 lbs before Christmas so I ran and got the convertible car seat. She's still 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height, so I have a big girl (but hey, she's proportional!). I actually feel like she's starting to thin out a little and I just know I'm going to miss all her adorable little rolls.
 She was all smiles at the Dr.'s office - UNTIL the pedi walked in. She completely freaked, and she's always loved him before. I think we're getting some stranger anxiety now...
 And now she's moving ALL over the place so it's really hard to get a pic when she's not in motion. Here are her little toesies as she tries to crawl away.
 And I think she must have had an inkling here that a shot was in her near future!
After, we stopped by Tony Roma's for a little diet splurge for mama. Hey, I've been so good! As of Monday I'm down 13.5 lbs! As I nomed on my chicken tenders, Gabriella pretended to munch right along with me. She must have wanted some of the fried goodness. I'm sure her 7 ounces of formula were just as yummy - right?

Yesterday I decided to try taking her to the library, since I figured it was a parent-ish thing to do. Did you know you could just take books home for free? Such a novel concept. I picked out 7 books and was afraid there was a limit, so I sheepishly asked if it was ok - turns out the limit's 30!
And would you believe that some guy called her a he?! Dude, she's wearing a flower headband, earrings, a hot pink ruffled top and sparkly socks! Apparently I'm giving my son a gender identity complex.


bbjoys said...

How could anyone mistake that gorgeous girl for a boy? That's lame.

Britt said...

SHE is gorgeous! And I love her smile!!

Brandy said...

A boy ? There is NO way she looks like a boy.

Hooray for a healthy little GIRL! :)

Mama Fee said...

You always dress her so cute! She is adorable even just chillin in a stroller!:)