Sunday, November 30, 2008

Even Stevens

I hate odd numbers. Completely random fact about me; They just freak me out. So I needed an extra post for this month. I can't believe tomorrow it's December. Holidays in full swing! We put up more lights around the house and I will post pictures pronto. It would just require me to actually get up and grab the memory card, and I'm oh so comfy on the sofabed in the office right now.

We had a little housewarming shindig with our families at the house today. It was nice to spend time with both sides simultaneously. What we learned was that although we feel our house is big for us, it feels a lot smaller with 10 people in the living room. And I definitely need more plates. I guarantee you someone in my family will feel compelled to gift me with a set of dessert plates for Christmas.

We've been spending a lot of time jamming on Rock Band 2 lately. Not loving it as much as the first one, probably since I'm not as familiar with the songs on this one. Adam says the drums are way better... something about there not being any lag or something or other. I'm lead vocals :-)

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