Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh the horror...

I changed my name. Only about 7 and a half months after the wedding, but I thought it best to drag out the process. I'm a real Mrs. now. And real Mrs.'s have to go to the DMV as part of their name-changing process. I went there today. And they made me retake my picture!!! I had JUST gone like 3 months ago and had my picture taken since my license expired. I primped and posed and had the greatest license picture. And today, completely unbeknown to me, they spring this on me! Heinous. I was not ready for this. Now I look like a frumpy Mrs. With really short hair.

Today was such a typical BAD day for me. At the DMV a vile, disgusting woman just had to sit next to me, even though there were like 395 other chairs available. And then she proceeded to hack near my airspace. Then she asked me for money for the bus. At the DMV. ??
I came home to a UPS package. Hooray! Except I am missing one item out of the seven that I ordered. Boo! And it was my favorite of all, a winter white cashmere goody that I will NOT be wearing on Thanksgiving now.

Then, I get a bill from a medical office from two years ago that I KNOW I paid. And the stupid lady is so condescending on the phone, calling me sweetie. I said don't you call me sweetie. Then she called me Miss Alexandra. I said, excuse me, it's MRS. Alexandra to you. Really, I did.
Then I bumped my head. And stepped in poo.

It's just been one of those days. But my lovey brought me home flowers and made it all better :-)

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