Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Project Bed

About a year or so ago Adam and I took the biggest plunge of all (besides marriage of course) and purchased a Fancy mattress set. We were tired of the old Queen we had and we yearned to sleep without knowing the other was near. Apparently I have a kicking problem. So we invested. We got one of those incredible $6000 Cal King mattresses for a fraction of the price (2/5ths to be exact). And when they delivered the beauty to our tiny one bedroom apartment, we realized that it was like 5 feet thick. This is one serious bed. On the bed frame, with the box spring and the mattress, I had trouble getting in and out of bed. I got vertigo looking over the edge. So we took it off the frame (apparently a no no). But it was ok since there was carpeting and I never sensed much of a difference (other than the altitude change). Now we have hardwood flooring throughout. The bed sits directly on the floor and it feels so much harder. I'm achy.

I planned on making my own headboard, since I am crafty and all, but I think the solution is a good-ol fashioned bed. One that doesn't require a box spring and can house our monster mattress and give me the slumber I deserve (and paid for!) (( and am still paying for until next April!!)).

Now I'm on the hunt for a righteous platform bed. Adam is sort of ambivalent about the whole thing so I guess this is going to have to be my Christmas present. Or would I rather have shoes?
I want the day to come when I will have a MASSIVE master suite with 14 foot ceilings and room for a little step stool on each side so I can enjoy the bed in its entirety. *sigh*

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MissJordyPants said...

How freakin' hilarious if we had been there are the same time! I was at the Ikea area earlier and it was EMPTY. More empty that I'd ever seen it.

For a platform bed, check out I'm looking at them for a sofa, but a friend of mine just bought a bed and LOVED them.